STEM Selects: Adjust The Crown Mix

black stem queen playlist

Created to promote self-love, confidence, and all things female empowerment by melanated female musicians

1. Artist: Jazmine Sullivan Track: Masterpiece

If you know anything about this soulful songstress, you know she’s all about female empowerment. Jazmine sings about the importance of celebrating our beauty and noticing that we are a work of art “masterpiece” just like the coveted portrait of Mona Lisa.

2. Artist: Ray Blk Track: Doing Me

Ray Blk is teaching us to mind our missions, be ourselves, and know that we have nothing to prove. When embarking on any journey remember that if we aren’t offered a seat at the “table”, go ahead and create your own.

3. Artist: Kehani Track: Bright

This ballad contains all the motivation we need to not compare ourselves but rather celebrate our own abilities. “Be great, be kind, don’t let them dim your light. A woman like the sun should always stay bright.”

4. Artist: Nao Track: Happy

This pop-funk track from London songstress Nao will definitely make you get up and dance. Time waits for no one so why not spend it being happy?

5. Artist: Janelle Monae Track: Q.U.E.E.N.

When queens link, we know that we will be blessed with some timeless tunes! This upbeat song serves as a reminder to every lady in STEM to keep her head held high like the queen she is. Do you and don’t be ashamed of your uniqueness.

Kara Howard is the Founder and EIC of Ladies Love STEM