Graduation Vibes Playlist

graduation vibes list.PNG

Because graduation is always worth celebrating!

  1. Artist: Beyoncé Track: Schoolin’ life

In this song Beyoncé Knowles-Carter applauds the ladies for crushing the game in our academics while also “schoolin’ life” by learning from our experiences. I definitely feel like I was “just 16” now I’m 22 and on my way to the real world. It’s about to get real but Mrs. Carter reminds us to “stay relentless...don’t stop running till it’s finished... it’s up to you, the rest is unwritten!”

2. Artist: Koryn Hawthorne Track: Won’t He Do It

If you’re spiritual like me you have that one song that you go back to when your spirit is low and you’re discouraged. This upbeat gospel song by Koryn Hawthorne reminds me that no matter the struggle God’s got me and he’ll do it for me EVERY TIME! 

3. Artist: Nicki Minaj Track: Moment 4 Life

After everything is said and done, struggles have been overcome, every thing is no longer holding you down, and you’re finally in the cap and gown.   Close your eyes and bask in this “moment for life”. After all “we done did every thing they can think of and greatness is what we’re brink of.”

4. Artist: Chloe x Halle Track: Grown

We’re grown(ish) now! The lyrics in the second verse of this song speak to me so much. “Learn something new everyday, I don’t know so imma feel my way.” While I don’t know where I’m headed I know I can “take it one day at a time” and “I’ll be just fine.”