How Metamorphosis Powerhouse is helping transform everyday places into a Public Learning Classrooms

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the 2nd annual Just Say YES! STEM FEST hosted by Metamorphosis Powerhouse founder Josette Evans. 

Pictured: Josette Evans (front right) & The Metamorphosis Powerhouse Company Team  Photograph provided by: Metincpowerco

Pictured: Josette Evans (front right) & The Metamorphosis Powerhouse Company Team

Photograph provided by: Metincpowerco


“Just Say YES! STEM FEST" is an annual event that launched on GA STEM DAY 2017 as part of Metamorphosis Powerhouse Company's Just Say YES! to Youth Initiative showcasing  Building E-STE(A)M For Youth Partnership Program. The focus of this event was to: 

  • reinforce growth mindset in young people and transition their thinking from "I CAN'T" into "I CAN" for STEM-related curriculum and careers

  • help connect parents, educators and STEAM providers together to increase a capacity for a wider opportunity for partnership of resources and youth enrichment

  • increase impact for the lives of children needing a deeper exploration of computer science, technology, engineering, the arts, mechanics, math, and medicine.

  • serve the community in free open public spaces to increase the opportunities for fun learning environments for all people

Photography provided by: Kara H. & Metincpowerco


The funfilled event was open to students ages 8+ as well as parents. Attendees were able visit the Microsoft store located inside Lenox Square mall on Saturday, May 5, 2018.  Exploring creative avenues such as Minecraft coding and creating digital art with fresh paint program via Surface tablets  were some of the many activities to look forward to.


KH: What Made you want to Start this Event?

JE: Listening to our parents, students and educators from the schools and organizations we touch- what stood out the most was the disparity of access to STEM mentors, STEM roadmaps for success and actual curriculum that historically underrepresented students receive. I wanted to leverage our mission of turning everyday places into public learning classrooms to serve as a solution for that, and invite other resource partners along to help in that solution. I also thought it was paramount to build the youth and parent self-esteem around their ability to be successful within STEM frameworks. That’s how the name of the program “Building E-STEAM for Youth Partnership” came about. We then made the focus about access, and helping create platforms where a mind shift in thinking could occur from “I CAN’T” into “I CAN” behaviors for not just the students but their parents as well.

Photograph provided by: Metincpowerco

Photograph provided by: Metincpowerco

KH: How important is it for you to continue to expose children to these opportunities? 

JE: I’ve always been into technology- but in my work I was usually the only chocolate face in the room and the only female. It’s  important to me that we close the gap of access and give as many opportunities to future generations of children as possible. Right now it’s all about putting them in environments where they even know it’s possible, then putting them in front of people who look like them who can share their journey of how they got into their chosen fields. I hope to also gain a mentor for them, and ultimately sustain them on a successful path into a STEM career.

Thank you Josette for  being a positive representation in STE(A)M!

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