Women of Color in STEM

Sustainable Practices To Start Implementing After Earth Day

It’s Earth Day and we want to make a conscious effort to achieve more sustainable practices to preserve our planet! Here are 9 Sustainable practices you can adapt on this Earth Day:

When Internship Blues Turn Into a Sea of Opportunities

The job was exactly everything I was doing at my internship and it was like a match made in heaven. This is a testament that shows you should always cherish every opportunity that is thrown your way because it may open doors for you in the future!

How the Blue Light in Your Smart Devices are Aiding Insomnia

The blue light in your device is essentially tricking your brain and making you think you're still looking at daylight. That's why you may go to bed later than expected, and wake up super tired.

Ways To Increase Productivity With Or Without Technology

Everywhere we turn there’s new, attention grabbing technology waiting to be tested and explored. Adapting to the latest and greatest apps along with their cool features is fun, yet exhausting!

Goal Getter: A STEM Sis Guide to Leveling Up Confidence while crushing your goals

It's that time! We are approaching back to school!

Whether you are in college, high school, or preparing a young one for school, the fall semester always sets the tone for the new school year.