Who We Are

black women in STEM

Ladies Love STEM is a fast growing creative community of melanated women merging authentic experiences and ingenuity. Our purpose is to cultivate a thriving presence across all STEM disciplines and be an access point between STEM creatives and career driven women.

Ladies Love STEM is ready to change the dynamic and be the encouragement to other women not give up. The younger generations need the representation to look up to and Ladies Love STEM is here to provide just that!


Founder & Editor-in-Chief Kara H.

Photo cred: Semba

Kara Howard is a science professional born and raised in Texas. She has earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master in Public Health. Kara has had a passion for everything science since her adolescent years. Shortly after her undergraduate tenture , Kara moved back to her second home (Metro Atlanta) and quickly noticed that something was missing. That element was a safe space dedicated specifically to women of color in STEM fields.

As the founder and content creator of Ladies Love STEM, her goal is to not only connect women of color across many walks of life, but to also create a community for women to uplift, encourage and celebrate one another. After all, this STEM journey isn’t always a walk in the park!