Pipette Game Strong

This post should have you nodding in agreeance by the end Sis!

Making precise decisions in life- after 20 something odd years can be super confusing (still). 

After nearly 5 years in the game pipetting all sorts of liquids, I must say I have become somewhat of a pipette professional. Now I know what you are thinking, “Uhh is this post about pipettes or nah?”, well actually it’s really about learning  how to make thorough decisions the first time around… (and my love for pipettes 😊).


Sistas in STEM


Working in the science field can throw a curve ball at you at any given time. Whenever I use pipettes 98% of the time my results come out fantastic! But what about that left over 2%? Let’s just say the pipette game is weak those times... HA! but hey that’s what learning is for right? At times in life we are programmed to believe we should be in a rush to accomplish so much yet focus on precision so little. I find myself more often times than not trying to rush and get through just about everything. Why? I guess I have a need for speed smh.

When we fail to analyze anything whether its temporary satisfaction, relationships, or lab tests in my case, we can easily set ourselves up for bad results. If my results are bad I have to dust it off and try again (cue Aaliyah dance moves). Life decisions on the other hand, you can make things right BUT you don’t get a do over. The next best thing is to implement a sense of precision in your decision making! Slow it down and carefully glide through the task at hand. I promise you’ll have spectacular results.  

  Tell me, what are some ways YOU can be more precise in your decision making?



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