Health Information Technology Tips for your Career Development

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These are tips that I personally use on my quest for my own career development. These tips helped me secure a promotion that has me on the right track for my career path in Health Informatics! This article will provide Career Development tips and a list of free trainings for continuous skill building and improvement.

Health Informatics is an evolving specialization that links information technology, communications and healthcare to improve the quality and safety of patient care. Health informatics applies informatics concepts, theories, and practices to real-life situations to achieve better health outcomes. This includes collecting, storing, analyzing, and presenting data in a digital format.  

Job titles in this industry you could consider:  

Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

What you need to know for this position, good leadership and communication skills; data entry and conversion; medical terminology and ethics; compliance monitoring; and IT/computer systems technology and applications.  

Clinical Data Analyst

Develops and manages databases for healthcare organizations. The No.1 responsibility for most people in this position is to ensure that data is accurate and reliable. Similar titles; health data analyst, clinical data manager, clinical research data analyst, clinical informatics analyst, SQL data analyst, etc.  

Health IT Consultants

Communicate information about the system to people at all levels of the operation, from doctors and nurses to patients. If you are a detail-oriented person who works well teaching others, understand computer software and enjoys the challenges and responsibilities of a healthcare environment.  

Career Development Tips:  

  • Job Shadow other employees in a position that you’re interested in to learn about the different job and if this something you really want to do.

  • Explore lateral moves to broaden and deepen your experience.  

  • Attend classes and training sessions to increase your knowledge.  

  • Build positive work relationships and connections at work, LinkedIn, networking events, conferences, etc.

  • To develop knowledge, share your expertise and concepts to show that you too are an asset.

  • Seek a mentor in the area of your career interests that you’d like to explore, gathering information from them will help you make educated career decisions.  

  • Develop a timeline with career goals and expected milestones is also an effective way to manage your career.

  • Volunteer to complete challenging projects and assignments, this can help expand your skills in the process.  

  • Maintain your momentum and commit to continuous skill building and improvement.  

By planning your career strategy, you are increasing your chances of staying employable and achieving your long-term career goals. If you need assistance with planning your career strategy, we at TF Solutions Center, LLC can help!  

List of Free Trainings for Skill-Building in Health Informatics

Health Informatics Positions are located in:

  • Hospitals  

  • Health Insurance Companies  

  • Health Departments  

  • Home Health Care Companies  

  • Nursing and Rehabilitation Facilities  

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