Budget Friendly Summer Tech Essentials (Under $25)

Tech Summer.PNG

Summer is officially around the corner so why not check these essentials out? These tech gadgets not only make life undoubtedly easier, but they are also compact enough for you to travel around with… and all under $25 might we add. Function and accessibility are of importance with this small list ranging from a mini portable game, to a dope camera lenses perfect for older generation smartphones.


Amir Smartphone Camera Lense

For those of us who refuse to get an upgraded phone every year and need options 😫 . We found this clip on camera lens to be helpful in getting that perfect professional looking photo on a budget.


8bitdo mini zero Bluetooth game pad

There’s just something about the summer that brings about nostalgic feelings. Whether it’s a road trip or passing the time, portable mini games are definitely a win.


Scoshe Magicmount

It goes without saying that hands-free is the way to be. Car mounts are great for navigation purposes if your car isn’t equipped with smart navigation technology already.


The PoPSocket

These cute little accessories have been popping up everywhere (pun intended) .  A nice little stand for our phones gives our wrists a much needed break.


Life Art Blue Light Glasses

If you are an avid tech user, this one is a must. Protecting our beautiful pupils this summer (and all year) is definitely a priority. The best part is, you don’t even need a prescription for blue light glasses.