Google Sights of Sound Atlanta Pop-up Experience: Fun or Fail?

google sights of sound pixel 3 building Atlanta

When it comes to electronics, some of us can be pretty biased but if you are like me, you enjoy a little bit of the best of both worlds. Whether you are a die-hard Apple user or an Android lover, it’s always fun experiencing the cool new features of the latest tech gadgets. To celebrate the launch of the Pixel 3 , Google recently partnered up with YouTube Music to bring the Sights of Sound interactive pop-up photo experience. The tour stopped at 5 major cities across the United States including ; San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, and Atlanta. It was just my luck they saved the best for last and stopped by the “A” this weekend!

google sights of sound pixel 3

We all know some of the greatest inventors in tech history like Shirley Jackson are responsible for creating touch-tone telephones. Or the likes of Marian Croak and her developments in voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP). It’s always amazing to see how far telephone related technology has came…

So what’s the 411 on this pop-up? Well, the Sights of Sound structure was set up adjacent to Atlanta’s Ponce City Market during the weekend of Friday, December 14th - Sunday, December 16th. As guests to the pop-up, we were each given a Google Pixel 3 to capture the engaging musical experience. We navigated through 4 rooms inspired by YouTube Music artists; J Balvin, Marshmello, Ella Mai, and Future (pictured below). One cool feature I enjoyed utilizing while navigating through the various artists inspired rooms, was the “Search what you see” with Google lens. All of the rooms posed trivia questions to unlock each experience so all you had to do was hold the camera up to the question, and the phone was able to Google search the answer. Another neat feature was the selfie “shake” that allows you to switch from the back camera mode, to selfie mode without having to press anything on the screen.

All Photos (with the exception of the phone and the outside of the building) were shot with the Google Pixel 3, no edits.

Click to enlarge!

Overall thoughts?….. FUN!

It was a dope event and an innovative way to showcase the newest development in Google smartphone technology. Not to mention, I won a t-shirt from the claw machine at the end (I never win on those things😂) . So now that you’ve seen all of the photos, can you tell which room was my absolute favorite?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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