Scientist Jazmine Davis is Curing High Heel Hell One Insole at a Time

Jazmine Kionna. women in STEM fields

Jazmine Davis, founder, and CEO of Jazmine Kionna. Her education background is in Biology where attend Florida A&M University and Virginia Commonwealth University. She's a scientist and product developer turned luxury shoe designer, and her breakthrough is a sole design that allows women to wear her heels comfortably for hours. Not only does each shoe allow the wearer to get to her destination in style, each pair of shoes sold supports a foundation that helps young women navigate difficult life journeys. 

Tell us how the idea of Jazmine Kionnna came into fruition

The idea started with my love of high heels. I have been wearing heels daily since high school. After my father passed in high school, I began to slowly lose my care for my appearance. I lost my passion for fashion and my love for shoes died. Once I began to slowly climb out of my depression, I tried to wear high heels again. I quickly realized that was not going to be an easy walk in the park and that’s when I decided to change my approach and gained interest in shoe design. I began my journey by working with local SBA to solidify my business idea. I continued to work and still do to this day. I have been fortunate to stay with a college friend’s family to allow for me have affordable rent to provide 2/3 of my monthly income to my business.

I wanted to understand the components of making a shoe. So, I took a shoe-making class in NYC to make my first pump. I wanted to investigate why external insole added more discomfort. It clicked, when making a shoe the way the structure of the shoe is from is of a last. Last looks like a shape of a foot and you stretch the upper layers of the material over the last and insole making the shoe structure and shape. Therefore, when using an external insole, the space is not considered creating a tighter fit. I realized that I wanted to have the insole be built within the shoe instead of it being built as an external insole, like what we usually see today. I found about 20 insole companies to send me samples. Took a small survey of the materials, and two keep standing out.

Going into starting a business I realized it is important to have a strong network of mentors, advisor, and supporters.

How is this shoe scientifically different than other heels?

We wanted something that molded to the pressure points over time, so we use a patented memory foam, Memory foam tends to lose it strengthen over time, so we reinforced it with a shock absorbent gel that also takes the impact of each walk. That’s when I found a person in LA to make the insole board and I began to make insoles at home. I then partnered with The Shoe College, Tamera has over 15 years in the shoe-making industry and we finalized our first prototype. Going into starting a business I realized it is important to have a strong network of mentors, advisor, and supporters. I built my support group before I had my first shoe. There were many nights I wanted to give up or felt as if I could not handle it all. It was my tribe that keeps me pushing and motivating to me.  

Thank you Jazmine for representing all of us Women in STEM fields.

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Kara Howard is the Founder and EIC of Ladies Love STEM