Terri Floyd on the Life of an IT Business Analyst

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I did not learn the importance of my role as a Business Analyst (BA) until actually becoming one.  My initial assumption was a BA’s role was to either test software or to just sit in meetings all day analyzing business processes. Being a Business Analyst does not necessarily mean you will focus on just one thing all of the time. The beauty of a Business Analyst role is you have opportunities to explore more than one role.  That’s amazing considering I get bored easily LOL!

The Life of an IT Business Analyst days will vary. Some days I am in meetings majority of the day gathering requirements for current business processes, analyzing needs, facilitating change, project management and ensuring collaboration with stakeholders. Other days are devoted to software testing, technical writing, research and information mapping. There’s not enough time to become bored, because technology is constantly changing, some good and some bad (which causes system issues) but there’s ALWAYS work to do!

Different Titles of a Business Analyst

  • Data Analyst

  • Configuration Analyst

  • Enterprise Analyst

  • Process Analyst

  • Business Architect

Business Analysts must understand the Organization’s problems, goals and strategic objectives.  This will ensure that as the project progresses, the business analyst can tell when the goal of the project does not align with the business goals and could actually cancel the project if necessary.

The Benefits of a Business Analyst

The benefits of becoming a Business Analyst is the opportunities to move in other roles are endless! As long as you work hard, do your best as a BA; continue to learn your role and the new changes within technology and your organization. Once you have perfected your craft as a Business Analyst, you have the opportunity to move into Management (Leadership and Administration), Consulting, delve more into the systems side of Programming and Developing, or even transition into Entrepreneurship.

An effective Business Analyst knows how to prepare an organization for the change through training and communication. One of the main roles of the Business Analyst is to keep everyone communicating and cooperating, and to facilitate understanding.

Remember improved cooperation, improves efficiency! woman loves stem

Terri Floyd, MS a Little Rock native, wears many hats. She is a proud mother, IT Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Adjunct Professor, to name a few. During her free time she enjoys reading, writing and spending quality time with her son and family.