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Get Your Hustle And Your Sleep On: Making Self-Care A Priority

How many of us are guilty of living by the ever so popular mantra “I’ll sleep when I die?” It looks and sounds cliche but lets be realistic, sleep and self care are just as essential as our day to day hustle. So here’s a great question; Can we view self-care as a form of productivity?

Sustainable Practices To Start Implementing After Earth Day

It’s Earth Day and we want to make a conscious effort to achieve more sustainable practices to preserve our planet! Here are 9 Sustainable practices you can adapt on this Earth Day:

When Internship Blues Turn Into a Sea of Opportunities

The job was exactly everything I was doing at my internship and it was like a match made in heaven. This is a testament that shows you should always cherish every opportunity that is thrown your way because it may open doors for you in the future!

Tanya Sam Talks Technology & Startups, Changing Careers, and Helping Female Entrepreneurs Build Businesses

It’s no secret that women of color are starting businesses at an alarming rate, and Tanya Sam knows first hand how to lead the charge and help other entrepreneurs accelerate into STEM fields.

Ways To Increase Productivity With Or Without Technology

Everywhere we turn there’s new, attention grabbing technology waiting to be tested and explored. Adapting to the latest and greatest apps along with their cool features is fun, yet exhausting!

Terri Floyd on the Life of an IT Business Analyst

Being a Business Analyst does not necessarily mean you will focus on just one thing all of the time. The beauty of a Business Analyst role is you have opportunities to explore more than one role.

It’s more than Math; A Female Boss Balancing Life While persevering

I hope to continue to be an image to other women of color, young and old, who do not come from families with lots of money. But, we too can create and sustain new ideas to encourage a better today and tomorrow.