Ways To Increase Productivity With Or Without Technology

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Everywhere we turn there’s new, attention grabbing technology waiting to be tested and explored. Adapting to the latest and greatest apps along with their cool features is fun, yet exhausting! There are only so many hours in the day and technology depending on how you use it, can take away time from productive day to day offline tasks.

So how can we achieve more in less time?

If you MUST utilize technology..

Calendar Alerts

With technology there are many tools to utilize. If you are an Android or Apple user, there are calendar alerts you can set up to alert you when it is time to complete any task. Just go in and add a new “event”, plug in the time details, and you are good to go!

Minimize Screen Time

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This tool is a big accountability partner if you will. The latest Apple update has a newer feature located under settings labeled Screen Time. Essentially this feature breaks down your social networking, entertainment, creativity, reading, and productivity usage. You are able to set time limits and schedule downtime alerts within your phone.

A similar feature (Your Activity) is located within the Instagram app as well!


Without Technology you can…

Take much needed breaks

Performing tasks without technology seems like it can be easier on the eyes but even our eyes get tired of looking at the same thing after a while. Reward yourself with frequent breaks, you deserve it. What helps me is to plan out all of my tasks, then schedule breaks in-between. 20-30 minutes usually works the best but do whatever fits into your own personal schedule.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

We have already mentioned the calendar app but physical calendars still work great to! There are desktop, mini, and personal sized calendars available just about anywhere. Also, try utilizing Goal Sheets, cards, and even plain old college ruled notebook paper. Writing your tasks down and actually seeing them helps for better productivity.

All and all everyone needs a break here and there. Make sure you give yourself enough time with your gadgets down and your head held up high. If you want to truly be productive, YOU have to want it for yourself. So get out there and be productive!

What other ways could help increase productivity?

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