4 Yoga Poses That Have Helped Me Relieve Stress

Here are four yoga poses I enjoy doing when I am overwhelmed. These are beneficial to women in STEM fields and anyone else willing to give them a try!

Get Your Hustle And Your Sleep On: Making Self-Care A Priority

How many of us are guilty of living by the ever so popular mantra “I’ll sleep when I die?” It looks and sounds cliche but lets be realistic, sleep and self care are just as essential as our day to day hustle. So here’s a great question; Can we view self-care as a form of productivity?

Sustainable Practices To Start Implementing After Earth Day

It’s Earth Day and we want to make a conscious effort to achieve more sustainable practices to preserve our planet! Here are 9 Sustainable practices you can adapt on this Earth Day:

When Internship Blues Turn Into a Sea of Opportunities

The job was exactly everything I was doing at my internship and it was like a match made in heaven. This is a testament that shows you should always cherish every opportunity that is thrown your way because it may open doors for you in the future!