Get Your Hustle And Your Sleep On: Making Self-Care A Priority

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How many of us are guilty of living by the ever so popular mantra “I’ll sleep when I die?” It looks and sounds cliche but lets be realistic, sleep and self care are just as essential as our day to day hustle.

So here’s a great question; Can we view self-care as a form of productivity?

The answer is simple… Yes!

Productivity is defined as:

The quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services.

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Some use how much you accomplish within a day as a measure of productivity which is one way of viewing things, but we can’t fail to cater to ourselves. Being productive can also mean taking time out to care for yourself mentally and physically , this includes thing like:

Getting adequate hours of sleep

On average we spend 8-12 hours a day awake and moving. Our bodies need food and rest to reset and refuel itself.

A day of pampering

Pampering is key to looking and feeling good. Spa days, grooming, or taking a mini-vacay are some great pampering ideas.


As little as 5 minutes of meditation a day can clear your head of all of the clutter and the busy work life and to center your thoughts. Check out this dope Meditation Mixtape by Shelah Marie.


If you are in tune with our Facebook page, you’d know that providing daily self-reflection messages is a key practice we love exercising. Careful thoughts on our own actions, behavior, and overall essence subsequently can translate into growth simply by practicing self-refection exercises.

Taking a Walk

A breath of fresh air as we often call it is essential in every day life. Staying within the same living and working quarters can become very repetitive and complacent. Take a nice stroll frequently.

Reading a book

There are many books to cater to your needs no matter what current state you are in life. A few of our favorites are; Year of the Yes, It’s not Rocket Science, and The Essential Wisdom of The World’s Greatest Thinkers.

How does your ideal productive day look? Are you taking time to provide self-care?