Black Women in Tech

How the Blue Light in Your Smart Devices are Aiding Insomnia

The blue light in your device is essentially tricking your brain and making you think you're still looking at daylight. That's why you may go to bed later than expected, and wake up super tired.

Tanya Sam Talks Technology & Startups, Changing Careers, and Helping Female Entrepreneurs Build Businesses

It’s no secret that women of color are starting businesses at an alarming rate, and Tanya Sam knows first hand how to lead the charge and help other entrepreneurs accelerate into STEM fields.

My Seat at the Table: Changing the Culture of Technology

It’s time to empower our young ladies to pursue a career in STEM! The possibilities are endless, and you hold the power! Diversity Drives Innovation! Do not conform! Be Bold! Embrace You! Be Confident in your abilities!