Kids and Teens Tech and Science Day 2018

kids and teens tech and science day

On Saturday, September 29, 2018 we hosted our very first event in collaboration with Kids Next Code: Kids and Teens Tech and Science Day! This day was designed to provide hands on activities to teach science and web design to students in the local Atlanta community.

Check out a little Snippet HERE:

Travis Reeves, founder of Kids Next Code, kicked off the event with a coding workshop teaching the students how to code their very own website. Each student was provided step by step instructions on how to perform various tasks such as create a body, change the background of their page, and even embed YouTube videos! We are quite sure the kids left feeling like technology superheroes. Following the coding portion, was a science experiment conducted by the founder of Ladies Love STEM: Kara Howard. We wanted to do something fun and informative with the students so, we decided to conduct a solubility experiment. Each student was given a handful on skittles and two cups, one with water and one with baby oil.

So, what was happening?

For the skittles to dissolve, the molecules in our liquids (solvent) and the molecules in the skittles (solute) needed to be attracted to one another. The students observed that the candy coating eventually dissolved in the cup of water but not in the cup of oil. This shows that the molecules within the candy and the molecules in the oil are not attracted to one another.

We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Kids Next Code on this amazing event.


Make Sure you Visit to learn how you can engage in more coding activities!

Contact Information: Travis Reeves

Instagram: @kidsnextcode

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